Early Kitchen 1971-73  (documents in .PDF)
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( i.d.) individual documents (d.i.b.) documents in bundle
KOP (i.d.) Kitchen opens Comment 47K 2 pages
KI (i.d.) Early Kitchen ideas  Comment 1.9M  19 pages
KBI (d.i.b.) Early ideas Comment 1.2M  12 pages
KD (i.d.) Early Drafts    1.35K 8 pages
KBD (d.i.b.) Drafts   1.3M  17 pages
KP (i.d.) Perception project  Comment 2.3M 8 pages
KBP (d.i.b.) Perception   2.4M 13 pages
KCA (i.d.) Calendars monthly   1.6M 1 page
KWVF (i.d.) Women Video Festival    1.0M 4 pages
KC (i.d.) Newspaper Clips    14.7M 43 pages
KE (i.d.) Kitchen Events   22.6M 90 pages
KEP (i.d.) Three Posters   758K 3 pages
KF (i.d.) Funding and Spending   6.2M 23 pages
KBF1 (d.i.b.) Funding 1  Comment 4.6M 19 pages
KBF2 (d.i.b.) Funding 2    3.9M 14 pages
KBF3 (d.i.b.) Funding 3    1.5M 8 pages
KGC (i.d.) Correspondence   963K 11 pages
KRF (i.d.) Kitchen Rise and Fall    371K 7 pages
KBR1 (d.i.b.) Rise   3.8M 19 pages
KBR2 (d.i.b.) Fall   7M 36 pages
KBAC (d.i.b.) Kitchen/WBAI Radio interview
by Jud Yalkut (Mp3 sound)
Transcript 8.6M 1 File 
KPH (i.d.) Photos   890K 24 photos
KVR Video in the Kitchen   5M 1 movie
KRT All Kitchen related texts 91K 1 page
  Later Kitchens (after 1973)  
KLE (i.d.) Events Comment 5.0M 28 pages
KBL1 (d.i.b.) Events 1    3.3M 11 pages
KBL2 (d.i.b.) Events 2    800K 9 pages
KBL3 (d.i.b.) Events 3    1.3M 16 pages
KBL4 (d.i.b.) Events 4    800K 12 pages
KLC (i.d.) Newspaper clips    5.0M 5 pages
KLL (i.d.) Letters   3.6M 20 pages
KLM (i.d.) Miscellanious   342Kb 5 pages
KBLT (d.i.b.) Tapelist   2.2M 

65 pages