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 Steina and Woody Vasulka Video Works 
   Title:  Bad  
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  Author :   Steina   Location :   Buffalo
  Running Time :   02:15   Color B / W :   Color
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Bad is a short videotape produced as an exercise to demonstrate the capabilities of the Digital Image Articulator. It is a rhythmic work: sound and image correspond to one another as they appear in sequences of variation and repetition. Steina used the Articulator to store images in a buffer and used an audio signal to designate how and when those images appear on the screen. The images are usually highly abstract. It is an electronic tapestry woven together, evoked from digitized color patterns and bursts of Steina?s profile, which are periodically present within the collage. The sound consists of single tones, which are strung together to create a simple, but energetic melody.