The Vasulka Archive currently consists of over 27,000 pages of documents relevant to the history of video and electronic art. These include articles, essays, interviews, reviews, schematics, diagrams, illustrations, posters, concert programs, photographs, and correspondence. While a large percentage of this material directly relates to the art and careers of Steina and Woody Vasulka, there are well over 200 artists and scholars represented. Some of the material has been taken from periodicals that are both in and out of print. The rest has been taken from the personal collection of the Vasulkas that began over thirty years ago. In addition to the Vasulkas, Peter Crown, David Dunn, Ralph Hocking, Sherry Miller, Phil Morton, Lynda Rodolitz, Jud Yalkut, and Gene Youngblood have donated archive material.

Since the archive is intended as a research tool we have decided to allow research access during the Archive's construction in order to help us define what is of most interest to scholars. The vast majority of the archive can now be accessed through our new Full Text Search Engine. You can also browse the older version of the archive (older non-searchable PDF files).

In the future, while continuing to expand the document collection, we will add many hours of audio interviews in MP3 format, make available the source code for early digital imaging experiments, and begin the immense task of including video materials selected from the 1,000 hours in the extended Vasulka Archive.

Most of the originals to which this electronic archive refers now reside in the permanent collection of the Daniel Langlois Foundation in Montreal, Canada. This electronic archive is intended as a noncommercial scholarly resource and preservation strategy. All copyrights reside with the original authors and/or publishers of these materials. Be advised that none of these documents are available for distribution without the permission of their authors. We will also remove any materials from the server at the request of any of the authors and/or publishers.